Hysteria is a powerful, lightning fast and censorship resistant proxy.

And probably the cutest, too.

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Open-source MIT licensed. Code on GitHub

🛠️ Packed to the gills

Expansive range of modes including SOCKS5, HTTP proxy, TCP/UDP forwarding, Linux TProxy - not to mention additional features continually being added.

⚡ Lightning fast

Powered by a custom QUIC protocol, Hysteria delivers unparalleled performance over even the most unreliable and lossy networks.

✊ Censorship resistant

Our protocol is designed to masquerade as standard HTTP/3 traffic, making it very difficult to detect and block without widespread collateral damage.

💻 Cross-platform

We have builds for all major platforms and architectures. Deploy anywhere & use everywhere.

🔗 Easy integration

With built-in support for custom authentication, traffic statistics & access control, Hysteria is easy to integrate into your infrastructure.

🤗 Open standards

We have well-documented specifications and code for developers to contribute and build their own apps.

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